Private Workshops

Forging Techniques

alchemy industrial arts

These forging techniques are available for individual and small-group instruction:

    • Sand molding 101
    • Non-Ferrous metal melting+pouring
    • Finishing+ Patination 
    • Core making+installation (Advanced)
    • General shop safety (required for all participants prior to any projects or classes)
    • Pattern making (Advanced) And in conjunction with 3D printing+Woodshop at BARN
    • Glass Casting (Advanced) Same casting sand+same melt furnace (different crucible)


alchemy industrial arts

We offer hands-on Team Build Workshops in industrial arts to boost morale, lower stress, and stimulate creative thinking. Fun and rewarding group classes encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and exploration while teaching techniques in welding, blacksmithing, plasma cutting and more.

Workshops are scalable and customizable to meet the needs of any group, from six to over 30 people.


Alchemy Industrial Arts

We host several types of youth workshops, activities, and community art projects with local schools and organizations. Youth complete projects like welded sculptures, glass tiles and mosaics, robots and gizmos, and glass tube sculptures, while learning basic rules of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. These workshops are active and will have students energized and excited, encouraging each other creatively. There is always a lot of enthusiastic story swapping about their experiences in industrial arts at the end of each session!

BSA Merit Badge

alchemy industrial arts

We offer instruction and guidance to meet the requirements for Metalwork and Welding merit badges.

Merit badges are awards earned by youth members of the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA. They are based on activities within an area of study and represent hours, days, weeks or even months of work by Scouts.

Do you have a troop that needs a badge?

We can create a curriculum that meets the Scout requirements while creating a fun-filled and engaging activity for your entire troop.


alchemy industrial arts

Birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, retirement — come celebrate with us while you learn a new skill and make a rewarding project!

Private Lessons

Alchemy Industrial Arts

Individual or small group lessons based on individual needs and time.

call to schedule: (206) 992-8509

Alchemy Industrial Arts is a registered 501(3)(c) nonprofit educational facility that fosters collaboration among the arts, industry, and community.

Through training in the fine and industrial arts, we teach practical skills in the trades industry, cultivate individual creative expression, build self-confidence, and encourage environmentally-friendly reuse of materials.

Our goal is to inspire an increased interest in the trades as an alternative to other accessible job opportunities in the machining, welding, and fabrication fields — as well as inspiring creativity and DIY learning opportunities for youth and adults.

We welcome all skill levels and all creative visions, and work to break down barriers for those who perceive the industrial arts as inaccessible.

We offer hands-on educational experiences in a uniquely safe, welcoming and non-competitive environment.

We foster a sense of belonging for our students and community members, and help them to create rich connections and to support one another through the process of development — regardless of whether an individual is working toward learning a trade, learning a skilled trade for practical application, or increasing creative capacity.

Our courses highlight the artistic and innovative design elements of these fields, focusing on inspiring creativity and providing learning opportunities for both the youth and adults alike.

Alchemy Industrial Arts

– Our Objectives –

Provide a practical learning environment for industrial art skills.

Primarily target youth ages 10-17 (also adults) in Kitsap County and Bainbridge Island.

Stimulate interest and increase awareness of the trades.